Saving with us


It’s very simple! After you have become a member, you can opt to have a designated amount deducted from your payroll each month. You decide how much so it is suitable for you. It can be as low as £20 per month. This amount is added to your share balance each month. You may also deposit any amount at anytime. The maximum share balance at any point in time is £15,000.

Whether it’s a dream holiday, the cost of Christmas, back to school expenses or a nest egg for life’s little emergencies, saving with us is the first step to achieving those dreams.

Our Credit union savings offers an annual dividend rate to top up your share balance, as long as the net balance will not be more than £15,000 otherwise the dividend would be credited to your account. The dividend rate depends on how well the credit union does that year.

To join the Credit Union, please send us a message using the form here.

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Your money is protected up to £85,000